Twogether In Texas Approved Premarital Education Course

Twogether in Texas online courses are ideal for couples who want to develop better relationship and communication skills, and as an added benefit you will receive a discount on your marriage license for taking the eight-hour course and have the 72 hour waiting period waived.


It takes a lot of dedication to maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship. In order to be the best partner you can be and to improve the well-being of the children you may share, we suggest every couple take advantage of the approved Twogether in Texas online courses available through Online Marriage Preparation.




Choose Between 3 Twogether In Texas Online Marriage Preparation Courses!


Basic (non-religious) eCourse

In the months between your engagement and your wedding day, you will be faced with a lot of stress, but it’s how you handle it that matters The Basic eCourse provides you with 10 downloadable, guided conversations designed to encourage honest communication on important topics. When you choose to take this Texas marriage preparation class online, you will learn different ways to improve your communication with one another and strengthen your bond before saying “I do.”


Christian eCourse (Non-Denominational)

Another approved Twogether in Texas marriage preparation class offered online through Online Marriage Preparation is the Christian eCourse. Like the Basic eCourse, you will learn more about how to handle various issues that may arise during the course of your relationship. However, the Christian eCourse is slightly targeted more to those with a background in the Christian faith. The course will feature Reverend Dr. Nelson as your marriage preparation coach in three full-length videos and 10 downloadable, guided conversations centered on faith, children, money and more.


Roman Catholic eCourse

Online Marriage Preparation can also provide couples with a Texas marriage preparation class online designed specifically for engaged couples who practice Catholicism. Again, this online marriage preparation course is similar to the others offered through Online Marriage Preparation, but puts more of an emphasis on the Catholic faith and the importance of God’s presence in a marriage.


Online Marriage Preparation would love to help you lay down the foundation for a strong, successful marriage. For more information on our approved Twogether in Texas online courses, call us at 651-731-7580 today.